Monday, July 26, 2010

The Los Angles Times and Guns

Here's an illustration I cranked out last week that ran in yesterdays (7-25-10) Op-Ed section of the Los Angeles Times. The article is entitled "The reluctant gun owner." Here's how Wes (the very talented AD) described his take on the article to me. "The author is a 70-something woman, and there is an undertone of helplessness in an often ominous world, which can unfortunately come in the form of intruders into our homes. She makes a big deal of purchasing and owning a revolver, and the act of choosing the “right” gun, the misconceptions she had about gun vendors, etc. But she begins to think that she might actually end up using it on someone and its capacity for destruction. She gets sort of cozy with her gun, even." Here's a link to the article. Collage and montage.

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