Monday, August 23, 2010

A Cursive Memory

A few months ago, I received a call from Shaun Profeta who heads up the Los Angeles based band A Cursive Memory. We talked about his band, their internet video sensation “Everything” from a few years back, their overall history as a group and about creating the artwork for their latest album, Let Love In. This record was produced by Matt Mahaffey (of Self fame) who’s worked with everyone from Pink, Beck, Lis Phair, Beyonce and many others. The initial direction was based on the intro to an HBO miniseries called The Pacific. Shaun was very open to what I might come up with based on this idea and vibe. My goal was the message. I wanted something powerful. Something that would convey the message of "Let Love In" quickly.  As the ideas and sketches evolved, I worked on tearing everything down to the bare bones while trying not to lose the message. Everyone gravitated towards the same sketch upon presentation. Here is the end result and final cover. Collage and mixed media.

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Abrahamus said...

Wayne, enjoyed looking through all of your recent posts. You rock, my man! Keep it up!