Friday, September 19, 2008

Back in July of this year, I was commissioned by recording artist, Brett Dennen to create some watercolor portraits of him for the cover of his new record. I was one of three artist that were pitched to him for his consideration. He liked the Jonny and June illustration that I had created for another campaign (also posted here) so...I was chosen!  After speaking with him, I felt very excited and confident that I could capture what it was that he had envisioned. I was ready to dive in. This process happened quickly and came out of me in the matter of a few hours. This does not always come with such speed and in such a brief period of time for me...I was feeling the creative energy flow and felt honored to be involved. I posted the final, selected version on August 15 and wanted to share these as well. Brett's record hits stores on October 21st...get it! Cheers!

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DW said...

Wow! Your new illustration work and blog site are looking amazing. You rock Wayne!