Monday, March 16, 2009


Yesterday's Op-Ed on anti-Zionism. This was for the L.A. Times. A very touchy matter when it comes to creating a visual to support this idea. Anti-Zionism is the conviction that Israel, of all the world's countries, does not have the right to exist. I was asked to address both sides of the issue. We decided to use the menorah idea (sketch #2) as a springboard and keep this simple and to stay away from the whole militarism thing. In this article, Judea Pearl asks "Is anti-Zionism hate?" The final piece ran black and white. 10" x 15.5" collage & watercolor.


Unknown said...

very nice piece .. great concept!

brezinka said...

Thanks Nate! I am humbled . . .you have visited my blog twice in one month!! I Love your Urban Outfitters poster and those very cool pillows! Keep up the fantastic work bro! Thanks again Nate!