Friday, July 3, 2009


Here are some of the illustrations that I created for an upcoming Best of project for WILLIE NELSON. I was thrilled to have gotten the call and commissioned to create these! The watercolor illo of the bus was an alternate cover option. The collage (front of bus) is the final selected album and LP cover along with the back of the bus being the flip side. The album has a killer track listing featuring some power punch guest artist's like Rob Thomas, Lucinda Williams, Diana Krall and Elvis Costello! It will also be available on vinyl! Suh-weeeeeeeeeeet!! NOTE: The above portrait illustrations are based on provided Jim Herrington photographs.


DW said...

You continue to WOW me with your illustration work my friend. I'm inspired!

Kristi said...

Wayne, these are really fantastic! LOVE THEM.

Unknown said...

Hi Wayne- Thanks for doing such awesome work, really enjoyed featuring this fab Willie Nelson cover on my blog! In my haste, I had failed to include "award-winning"... have made that right now. :~) Look forward to keeping up with your work! -Amy