Monday, January 25, 2010


I've been a fan of Conan's from the beginning. I find him peculiar, odd, quick-witted and just down right hilarious! In the midst of one of the most tragic weeks in the world - with the earthquake in Haiti, wars raging, and the unemployment rate at an all time high . . . I was watching every last minute of his show just to laugh and escape. I was inspired to create a collage portrait of him using cut paper, glue, paint and lot's of cardboard! His time with NBC is over - just like that. So long Coco! I know we've not seen the last of you!!


Jason Tomlinson said...

This is so cool, Wayne. The exit sign on his forehead is a great touch. Well done.

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Hey Wayne!
My friend stumbled across your blog and told me I would really dig your work and she was totally right! If there's anyone that can truly appreciate the cut paper, it's me. Your work is inspiring and expertly crafted. I am all about Conan (I paid tribute on my blog as well) and I must say, this is the best version of him I've seen. You sir, have yourself a new fan.