Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Watkin's College of Art Illustration Class

A few months ago, I was invited by my fellow illustrator friend Travis Foster, to come and speak, share my experience, story and encouragement regarding my career as an illustrator/designer with his class at Watkin's College of Art and Design. This took place last Friday, February 19th. You can check out this link www.illo3.wordpress.com and follow the weekly assignments and process of his class. My goal was to be honest with them regarding my own story, encourage them and spur them on in their creative journey to get them to think with an open mind as they continue onward. I will be posting several links to some of their online portfolios and work here in the coming days. Come back and check them out! The above photo shows only a small portion of the class of the 30 or so students that were present during the lecture . . . I thoroughly enjoyed myself and came away with an unexpected gift of hope, encouragement and inspiration from them. Here are a few links to give you an example of some of their work.

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