Friday, June 18, 2010

Collage or Watercolor?

I love creating in collage, watercolor and pen and ink mediums. I've been working very diligently on honing my collage skills, pushing myself to become a better and much smarter illustrator in that medium. I've not wanted to confuse the AD's I’ve been working with and those I've been marketing towards by offering too many styles. I think it’s important for AD’s to know what they will be getting and what they can be expecting if they commission me. The more I practice my skills and study the illustrators that I admire and look up to and the reason behind their success, the more I realize the importance of staying consistent in my work and style. Here are a few thoughts regarding this from Nate Williams - one that I admire in the illustration world. Does having a “Style” = never changing, never growing? No, it just means have consistency between the bodies of work you present. A lot of artists have trouble committing to one style because it goes against an artist’s nature of exploring, being curious and not limiting their expression to one voice. I struggled with this question for a long time.  After working a number of years as a designer and art director  it became clear to me why having a “style” would help my illustration career. – Nate Williams Having said all of this, I received a request from one of my returning clients for a watercolor project :) I'm pleased with the outcome as is my client. 

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Chelsea Kirchoff said...

I love this! The colors are so vibrant and work so well for this particular piece!