Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ONE THE COVER - Chicago Sunday Times

Here's a new illustration assignment I created for the Chicago Sunday Times. The story is about time management and how we have more time than we think. It includes tips to make the most of your time. Hugo (the AD for the project) requested a fire orange or red painted background to represent panic and loss. The color lab at the Tribune punched the color quite a bit on the image prior to running it and all parties were very pleased with the final outcome. Here's the intro to the story: In the time it took you to log onto Facebook and discover that your high school friend forgot to put on deodorant that morning, you could have strengthened your core, dashed off a long-overdue thank-you note and read the first few pages of that new time management book. We, as a nation, are clearly conflicted about time. We work longer hours than any other industrialized country, but we also watch more TV — a lot more. We overschedule our kids, but they still average more than seven hours of screen time a day . . . Collage and mixed media.

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