Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Nashville Scene

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Elizabeth Jones who is the AD for The Nashville Scene. She asked if I was available to illustrate a cover portrait of Elvis Costello for their upcoming issue. She referenced a recent illustration of Elton John and Leon Russell I had just completed for the L.A. Times and liked the vibe and execution of that as well as a portrait of President Obama that was also published by the L.A. Times. The Scene was running a lengthy interview with Elvis regarding his new album, which he recorded in Nashville. I was very excited at the opportunity but had to decline as I was flying out of town to Orlando the following morning and would be gone for the next week and unable to complete the assignemt. Fast forward a few weeks, Elizabeth offered me another opportunity for this weeks cover . . . The 2010 Holiday Guide. The theme is socially responsible giving and the story is on the best and most environmentally way to have a christmas tree (creating ornaments out of trash, buying local, composting, etc), so she was thinking a Christmas tree made out of paper would be a great cover. I wanted to thank Elizabeth as she is an illustration advocate and I'm glad to see so many talented illustrators appear on her covers. Kyle Webster nailed the Elvis Costello cover it it looked beautiful. Illustration remains and continues to hold an important and significant part in the editorial world today. Take a look through The New York Times, The Washington Post, and one of my favorites . . . Walrus Magazine out of Canada and see how illustration continues to grow in this permanent digital realm.


pete ryan said...

this looks wonderful!!!! i love it

Travis Foster said...

Super nice. This piece is a winner.