Monday, August 15, 2011

Brezinka in Steven Heller book

During a recent e-mail correspondence with Steven Heller (art director, author, curator, & lecturer) regarding my work, he inquired about my hand created type and asked if I kept sketchbooks over the years. He was in the middle of compiling a new book with Lita Talaric featuring an inside look at various typography sketchbooks - he was interested in featuring my process. I replied yes . . . saying that I would be happy to comb through the last few years and find what I thought, would be the most interesting work and submit for consideration. This upcoming book will be available for purchase soon. Also featured are Matteo Bologna, (founder and President of New York-based Mucca Design) Art Chantry, Leanne Shapton, Charles Spencer Anderson and many others. Follow this link for more information. Thank you, Steven for this opportunity! Shown here is one of my submissions.

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