Wednesday, September 25, 2013

COMPLIANCE & RISK for Inside Counsel magazine

Recently, I was approached by Elizabeth Novak at Summit Professional Networks/Inside Counsel asking if I might be available to create the cover for their October issue. Excited and eager for this opportunity, I accepted and got down to business. The direction I received regarding the cover story is listed here The disconnect between the long-term value and business performance as the top benefit of an ethical corporate culture and the notion that certain questionable actions (such as using cash payments, entertainment or gifts to retain business) could be justified to help the business survive in an economic downturn. Another major theme: Compliance programs require constant monitoring.”

The end result shown here along with a few other concepts that were presented for consideration. I love combing through junk stores and antique shops when working on a new assignment. Being a collage artist, I look for unique and relatable objects that might translate well into whatever visual I might be creating at the time. In this case, I thought using real pieces of china affixed to the tea pot, cups and plate would be interesting. I also purchased a vintage flowered pillow case to simulate the ornate china face. A wire coat hanger was used for the ring in the bulls nose and vintage jewelry chains were purchased to hang the tea cups from the bull horns. Many thanks to AD Elizabeth Novak for this opportunity.

20 x 24 / Collage & Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas 
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