Monday, October 15, 2012

Today's Political Climate

Election season is upon us once again. Whew! I’ve been fortunate to illustrate some politically motivated images for leading editorial publications over the last few years . . . Here are a few I wanted to share. Many Thanks to Wesley Bausmith, Heather Hopp-Bruce, Dennis Brack and Meredith Bowen.

“Obama” for The Los Angels Times

“In Godless We Don’t Trust” for The Boston Globe

“Thinker” John Stuart Mill for Foreign Policy Magazine

 "Labor Daze" for The Washington Post Capitol Business Section

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Bernie said...

Wow, Zink! Thought-provoking and stunning and you just *have* to look at it -- what good art's supposed to be about, yes? Mighty fine, my friend. I'll be chewing on these a while. (Not literally. I don't have the originals.)